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Norm500xNorman Morrison of Oxford, Alabama started writing in the late 60's. After winning a school writing prize the deal was sealed. Later, while still in elementary school he owned the only newspaper in town which was printed on a "gelatin printing" gizmo, and delivered by himself at a dime per copy. He made a profit.
Later Morrison wrote for various "shopping" newspapers, and later the new community newspaper.

After trying his hand at science fiction writing and failing miserably, he began writing with local computer bulletin boards and in 1995 on the Internet.

Often writing with a dash of humor, Morrison writes in a way that most people like to read.

Morrison, like all real writers, worked a variety of jobs including ones in insurance sales, warehousing, 9 years as an appliance repairman and electrician, and 14 years in television production. He was also a telephone operator for 7 years. He was fired for being too nice to the customers.

He developed his first global marketing website in 1998 and has never looked back. With more than 40 active sites, he now also teaches Internet Marketing, web design, and search engine optimization techniques.
Morrison's motto for writing is, "If you can explain it to me, I can explain it to them!"

Price per 100 words: Accepting writing gigs at the rate of $9 per 100 highly SEO optimized words payable by Paypal or international bank transfer.

Contact Norman via his website:

Demo Article on Outsourcing

Why You Should Consider Article Outsourcing For Your Vital Web Pursuits

I would like to address the subject of article outsourcing and why you should be doing this if you yourself are not a born writer.

Briefly, I will shed light on four important writing topics in this article on outsourcing which directly impact your success with your website or internet marketing work.

  1. What makes a writer a good writer?
  2. What makes an article shine in the eyes of search engines?
  3. Where do all those articles come from anyway?
  4. What is the worth of article outsourcing writing and a good article?

First, it is important to understand that great article outsourcing writers are born, not made. No amount of education or training will give someone the innate spark of greatness when it comes to the written word.

In the world we live in today when you can't tell a Photoshop photo from the genuine article, likewise there exists artificially enhanced word processors that will output unique content that will pass most casual examinations. As someone contemplating article outsourcing you need to be aware of this.

The thing that betrays the high quality machine written article outsourcing content to humans is that it lacks the humanity. It has the feel of plastic. Similarly, unless an article is very well written it won't fool search engines either. Google and friends get better every day catching poor quality article outsourcing marketing efforts.

If it is low cost, low quality content, then it trips content duplication filters and again, it is quickly disposed of.

A born writer, writing in his native language, with a good grasp of the topic at hand trumps the machine, or the offshore content mills any day of the week. The good writer produces unique content with little turns of phrase and a unique character of the flow of words that keep the search engine filters at bay.

A born writer can't really understand how some others have difficulty in writing. Being one myself, I suppose it's a lot like my problem with mathematics, music, and foreign languages. I marvel at folks who are good with that stuff. I just don't get it. I have a tin ear and I can't comprehend how someone can speak two languages. If I had to produce math things, I would outsource it.

Good article writers are not only born writers, but are also trained up in the methods of search engine optimization. Here, schooling can help, and there is plenty of that on the Internet for anyone aspiring to be a better writer to study and learn. Since good article writers also have a love of learning and research, learning better article writing techniques isn't hard for them. Talent plus training on the back end yields excellent word product on the front end.

As regards offshore outsourcing, what makes one article better than another?

A great outsource article is only the beginning of something that will sell on the Internet. Sure, an understanding of the topic at hand, and the tenants of marketing are necessary, but beyond this, there are elements that must also be built into the high quality article to make is as luscious as possible to search bots without hampering the flow of the words. Good SEO article outsourcers not only know what those elements are but how to use them for article outsourcing success!

Offshore article outsourcing isn't the best remedy. Don't get outsourced by American based writers who charge a little more.

It is a fact that people and companies are farming out their article outsourcing work to Indian outsourcers all the time, as well as the Philippines, a huge offshore article mill source, Bangalore, you name it. Offshore article outsourcing work is pretty popular. Outsourcing firms in other countries are experiencing growth from hungry U.S. based clients.

Indian outsourcers and global outsourcing in general is a good thing if you simply need volume, but you can't beat qualified writers from the good old United States to produce content that sells. What profit is there in a million dollar web business with a ton of quality poor offshore work on it when nobody can find it in the search engines?

You know, they say that mathematics is the universal language. Unfortunately, language itself is not the universal language, and language is what we're dealing with.

The U.S. ecommerce articles industry is not and never will be the Indian articles ecommerce industry. You need an American to explain things to Americans. Countries and cultures matter when you're aiming to generate the best return on your article outsourcing investment. Offshore outsourcing will never be the answer so long as there are market sources for quality American article work.

Don't believe it? Take me up on this offshore test. Visit a few foreign language websites, copy a paragraph or two and run them through Google Translate.You'll find that even after allowing for machine mistakes, even though the translation may pass an English test, the product is skewed. What passes for good article content in one culture simply doesn't in another. Even British and American English doesn't always compare favorably.

Simply put, at the best you can do, article outsourcing to India or the Philippines will deliver outsourcing problems in quality that you won't deal with locally. Offshore work can not be the same quality as onshore, all things being equal. We fundamentally speak and think in different languages.

Another thing. Would you be more comfortable article outsourcing with offshore, out of the way outsourcing firms, or would you be happier dealing with a single person, infinitely accountable, living in your country and well trained in the U.S. model of online services, computing, and the computer industry in general? Something to think about when it comes to your hard earned money.

Regarding a U.S. based article outsourcing resource…

This onshore article outsourcing article was constructed using a writing aid called Web Content Studio. When tasked, it goes out into the web and discovers the very best key words and key phrases to complement this article. Then, during the writing process it makes those key words available for use, and later analyzes the content to see how it stacks up with the top ten articles on the web for the primary key prase of the piece.

At the end of the process you end up not only with a superior piece of article outsourcing content, but if you follow the helpful suggestions provided by the program, an article that has a chance to do as well or better than any of the competition. In a way, it delivers a very an unfair advantage for the writer. For the end user of the quality article, though, it delivers pure gold and the absolute best product of the SEO article outsourcers.

Of course, any program or algorithm depends on what is fed into it. Good information in equals good information out. Once again, this demonstrates that superior writers produce superior material. A lame writer gives only lame material, no matter his machine advantage.

Let us research for a moment. What's it worth to someone to have a dependable super source of quality outsource articles content? How about when it comes to advertising, millions. Billions.

Even so, it's more likely that you are in the market for high quality articles or content for your website, either in the process of page construction, or for article marketing purposes to promote your website.

Let me ask you a question. What is lame quality article outsourcing content worth to you? Five dollars? Ten dollars?

If piddly lame article outsourcing content won't pass the sniff test from search engines, then I offer the humble opinion that you have wasted your money, thus, poorly written outsource articles aren't worth anything.

The better question to ask is, "How much is my time worth to me?"

If you have taken the time to produce a quality website or page, and you need excellent article outsourcing content to fill it up, I would contend that the best material you can obtain is what you should be looking for. The same goes for quality articles to promote your web property from elsewhere with backlinks.

This is where the best SEO article outsourcers you can find comes into the picture.

If you are unable or lack the facility yourself to find the best words for the job, then it just makes good sense to outsource article writing to someone who knows how to get the job done. Then, when your project is a success your expenditures will pay off many fold. Article outsourcing to the rescue!

Outsourcing articles should not be looked on either as a failure on your part or as an unnecessary expenditure of resources. Instead outsource articles by good article writers could be the making of your website or Internet marketing pursuit.

Today's internet market requires the best content possible and the use of article outsourcing is more popular than ever. If I have sold you on the concept of using onshore article outsourcing, then let me now assure you that there are average, better, and best U.S. based article outsourcers available.

The complete writer is one who is a born writer, has an affinity for your needs, and understands the best methods of search engine optimization. Locate this person and you'll be walking in high article outsourcing cotton for sure! Choose the best!

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