Want to Outsource your Content to Web Content Studio Proficient authors?

Do you want to be able to find authors that can write “Fat Content” using Web Content Studio?

Maybe you just want to outsource the job of finding the best theme words for the content you want written?

Or, maybe you already have the theme words and want someone to write a fat, themed article?

I am putting together a resource here that will highlight people that have taken a “course” in Web Content Studio, and can use it to its full abilities to research and write well-themed content. I’ll provide examples of their work, together with the theme words and phrases they found for the article, and full Theme Reports on the article example.  I will also rate their work, and allow YOU to rate their works as well if you use that author.

Never be stuck for finding quality writers that can provide outstanding content for your next project.

If you want to be kept up to date on this project, please subscribe to my newsletter as I will be announcing it all in there over the next few weeks.  My newsletter is over at ezSEO News.

Currently we have 2 authors that are trained to use Web Content Studio.

You can view their profiles and demo articles as well as theme words & phrases they chose for their “outsourcing article” (which is the topic I chose) as well as the theme report summary.

Check out our Web Content Studio trained authors section.



I am a Science teacher by training, but have been working online for over 15 yearse, specializing in search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Web Content Studio grew out of my own need for a tool that could create search engine optimized content, the way the search engines want it. You can follow me on Facebook orTwitter. I am also on Google +

14 thoughts on “Want to Outsource your Content to Web Content Studio Proficient authors?”

  1. This an excellent idea, Andy. Being able to hire an article writer who is already familiar with your web content studio software and the concept of LSI and themed content, is perfect for getting the quality content I need for my authority sites. Being able to see prior feedback about the writers will be helpful. Looking forward to an update as to when you will provide this service.

  2. Hi

    Excellent idea. I assume these wil be quality articles and therefore not cheap and that has its place.

    will definetly give it a try when its up and running


  3. Hi Andy,

    I’d like to take the Web Content Studio training and become a writer offering my services. I was born and still live in the UK and currently write articles, but not using Web Content Studio.

    If you require a beta tester for the training please let me know.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Andy,

      In case you want to contact me regarding my offer of beta testing your training courses, please contact me on the email adress submitted as part of this comment, as my email address submitted as part of my last comment does not receive your emails.

      Please note that I will purchase my own copy of Web Content Studio, I’m not seeking a freebie.


  4. Great idea, Andy.

    I’ve been trying to get outsource authors to use the theme words/phrases I’ve found through the WCS spider with little real success. I think one of your videos would be extremely helpful.

  5. Hi Andy:

    I hope you are well.

    Yes this is a great idea and I am already working on it for my own needs.

    Just starting to select and train writers myself for my websites.

    I think what you have planned would be a great facility for your members and look forward to seeing how you put it together and I may indeed use it myself to save me some work :=)

    If you would like to swap some thoughts and ideas let me know and we can jump on Skype.



  6. I bought this amazing software and have started to use it – I’ve been writing for ages but am changing the substance of my writing so that all the web content that I now produce will be rich and fat. Thanks to the web content studio.

    The article writing theme producing software is great — just as good as described. Maybe better. Although I am a technical writer I do ghostwriting as well and this is really ramping up my web content ghostwriting.


  7. Hi Andy,

    I like your Fat Content Course but has some troubles with writing such kind of articles cause English is not my native language and I had to spend a lot of time for making fat content article. Your outsource center will save me time so if the price will be reasonable I will be glad to use it.

  8. Please let me know as soon as this program is off the ground,I am very interested
    I already shopped around on elance for someone familiar with fat content
    And could not find anyone.Having been exposed to Fat Content and WCS I would not trust just anyone to create content for my site

  9. This is a great idea and I would take advantage of this service. I also have been unsuccessful in finding writers who truly understand “Themeing”. I have tried services like Elance, Odesk and scoured the Interent others with no success.

    I am kind of becoming desperate as I am not a good writer but recognize a well written and themed article.

    Please Andy, let me know how the program evolves.

    1. I am absolutely delighted to be one of the chosen fat content writers here. As a side note, I find that writing has become a whole new experience for me with WCS — it is a deeper and richer experience.

      I’m up there under WCS Outsourcing if you want to check me out.


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