WCS Discount

You can get Web Content Studio at a 45% discount.  This offer could disappear at any time without warning… so you have been warned.

To purchase Web Content Studio at 45% discount, you need to follow these instructions.

1. Click this link.  This form opens in a new window so you can keep following instructions:

2. Fill in first & last name, and email address.  You will receive your login details at that email address, so make sure it is correct.  That email will only ever be used again if you request a password reset.

3. Choose a username and password.  The password MUST only contain alphanumeric characters, so please only use 0-9 numbers and upper and lowercase A-Z letters.  Keep a record of these as you will need to enter them into Web Content Studio.

4. Click the Next button when you are done.  You will now be taken to the Clickbank payment page, where you can enter the coupon code.

5. In the Coupon box, enter the following coupon code: SPECIALWCS

6. Click the Apply button, and you should see the discount applied to the total.

7. Fill in the rest of the Clickbank payment form, and click the Pay Now button.

When you have downloaded and installed Web Content Studio, make sure you enter your username and password into the software (from step 3 above).  Following that, click the link to the Video Course on using the software.  This will take you to the Udemy website where the course is hosted.  You will need a (free) account at Udemy to sign up, so do that if necessary.  The course shows you how to use Web Content Studio and is now the official “documentation” for this software.


Andy Williams

45% Discount

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