Updating from WCS v1 to WCS v2 2

If you are using Windows 10, then you need to be using version 2 of WCS.  This is free to version 1 users. To install version 2, you cannot use the built-in autoupdater.  Version 2 is not an update to version 1, but a completely re-written piece of software.  That […]

Spider Not Working

Occasionally I get support emails from customers saying the spider isn’t working on Web Content Studio. The typical error message in WCS is: ".. cannot continue with the spider because no search URLs were found in this term” OK; there are a few reasons this can happen.  The main one […]

Editor tab is missing

When you first start Web Content Studio, the tabs across the top look like this: You will notice there is no Editor tab, and  a few people panic.  However, this is completely normal, since the editor tab is there to EDIT an article, and when you open WCS, there is […]

How is theme score calculated?

The theme score in WCS is calculated using a number of different factors, including: The number of theme words and phrases you have in your article. The number of theme words you have selected. The length of the article. The software looks to see if you have used all of the […]

Auto-Upgrade is not working

Windows VISTA & Windows 7/8 Users (NOT XP Users): You will need to set up the icon used to run WCS to run as Administrator, since automatic updates require admin status to over-write older versions. To set the icon up, follow these simple steps: 1. Right click the icon you […]