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John_Coutts_profile_photoI have been involved in writing all my life, and in a professional capacity for the past 16 years since I started my own online business in 1995. Initially I was involved in web design, writing all the web content and offering article marketing for promotional purposes. That slowly evolved into writing only, and to date I have written many millions of words that can be found spread all over the Internet, though usually not under my name.

For three years I was the editor of a print magazine, and for 10 years I wrote a weekly column for a newspaper. I have also co-authored three print books, as well as many informational "how to" type of ebooks. I have had short stories, poems and even songs published, though these days I concentrate on articles and web content.

I do not have any particular specialty in writing as I can write about practically anything that can be researched. I place a high importance on detail and always aim for perfection as I never believe in cutting corners where my writing is concerned. While I always strive to produce work in a timely manner and meet agreed deadlines, I do however believe that quality is more important than speed of delivery.

I live in a very rural, peaceful and beautiful part of southwest Spain where I moved with my family in April of 2007. Prior to that I lived in Shetland in the far north of Scotland where I was born and grew up, and where the little sturdy Shetland ponies can still sometimes be found roaming free on the hills.

I use Web Content Studio every day for nearly all my writing work. There simply is not another piece of software available that comes anywhere close to achieving what it can do. It hasn't made me a better writer – just a better organized one who can now theme articles much faster, easier and better than previously.

Price per 100 words:  $5 per 100 words.

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5 Top Outsourcing Benefits for the Article Marketer

Article marketers often write their own articles and don't always consider the outsourcing benefits of having others write for them. This can be a mistake in many ways, often based on the often false concept of cost savings and a belief that the only way to maintain a proper level of quality is to do it all yourself. For very small businesses that use article marketing, farming out work may not always be feasible, but for larger businesses there can be enormous benefits.

Not all article marketers are particularly skilled in writing articles. They may think they are, but may not realize that by giving up some control and outsourcing at least some of their article writing work, they can enjoy the outsourcing benefits of less hours worked and articles that perform better. If you are a small article marketer, you can easily tap into high-quality services that can help your business to grow. Hiring service providers in this strategic way should be considered a wise investment, and not an unnecessary expense. Here then are 5 top outsourcing benefits for the article marketer.

1 – Hiring a Professional Writer Can Make You a Lot More Money

This is perhaps the biggest of the many outsourcing benefits to be gained. Most article marketers become so through a need to make money online. Writing articles is something most of us can do, and it is an inexpensive and very effective way of marketing a business. The downside is the number hours worked, for they are likely to be many and arduous, and while the level of quality may be acceptable, most do-it-yourself writers don't consider the outsourcing advantages of hiring a professional writer whose expertise could catapult their marketing efforts beyond their imagination. Yes, there is a cost involved, but the high-quality work of a good professional writer will more than pay for itself in the long term.

2 – You Gain Instant Access To a Wealth of Writing Talent From All Over the World

The article outsourcing benefits do not confine you to just one professional writer from one country. You can take your pick from thousands of writers from anywhere. Outsourcing to countries on a global scale is no more difficult than outsourcing locally. There is a belief in some quarters, for example, that only an American writer can write successfully for the American market. This is simply untrue. One of the great outsourcing advantages is the simple fact that a good professional writer can write in any voice or style that is required.

3 – Hiring an SEO Writer Who Fully Understands LSI Will Mean Higher Ranked Articles in the Search Engines

Most professional article writers now understand that theming an article through latent semantic indexing (LSI) techniques produces a product that can easily outrank "ordinary" articles, everything else being equal. This can be especially true if they use, and of course, understand how to use, Web Content Studio. This software does not make a poor or even mediocre writer great, but it is an excellent tool that in the right hands can definitely increase the quality of service being offered.

4 – Hiring a Professional Writer Will Give You Back the Time to Focus on Other Aspects of Your Business

While article marketing may be your core business, when you realize the outsourcing benefits of a professional writer you will suddenly have more time. This can be especially welcomed as the number of hours worked by many article marketers is usually considerable. You can spend this time to write even more articles, or you can use it to focus on other aspects of your business. You could even take advantage of the situation and take a short (or long) period of time off work.

5 – Hiring a Professional Writer Means Having Constant Access to an Expert

This is possibly the most important of the many outsourcing benefits to be gained. An article writer who has many years of experience will not make silly spelling or grammar mistakes. They will be fully capable of doing extensive research to gain accurate information you can depend on, and they will understand how to write engaging content that is also properly structured and optimized for the search engines. You will also have access to specialized services and skills. In short, their articles will not disappear under another Google Panda, or whatever name is given to the next algorithm update.

These are just some of the outsourcing benefits you will enjoy when you hire a professional article writer. You should never think of the costs involved as yet another way of loosing money that you could of used for other things. I should also point out that the spelling and grammar mistakes in the last sentence were deliberate, and if you did not spot them, then you definitely need the outsourcing benefits that a good writer can bring to your business.

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I am a Science teacher by training, but have been working online for over 15 yearse, specializing in search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Web Content Studio grew out of my own need for a tool that could create search engine optimized content, the way the search engines want it. You can follow me on Facebook orTwitter. I am also on Google +

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