Monthly Payment Plan for Web Content Studio

Web Content Studio costs $167 which is a lot of money for some people to find all in one go.  I have therefore set up a monthly payment plan.

You can now pay six monthly payments of $29.  That equates to $174 in total, which is only slightly more than buying it all at once.

You will be billed on the first day for $29, and then $29 on the same day for each of the next five months.

Refund Period:

The only difference between paying this way, and paying all upfront, is the refund period. The reason is simply that since the payments are spread over six months, I cannot give a refund of six months to cover all monthly payments.  The refund period is still 60 days, but only for payments made in the last 60 days.

By ordering web content studio through the monthly payment system, you are agreeing to the above refund period.

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