Using Exact & String Match with the Spider and Theme Reports

To evaluate how well themed your article is, Web Content Studio needs to compare your article to the words in your theme word and theme phrase lists.  So for example, if you had the phrase “place” in your keyword list, WCS would look to see how many times (and where) in the article the word “place” occurred.  WCS can d this in two ways – exact or string match.

Exact Match

This will only match the exact, whole word in your article.

String Match

This will match the sequence of characters in your article.

Therefore if these words appeared in your article:

  • placement
  • places
  • placed

Your keyword “place” would not be found if you have WCS set to exact match because the exact word is not there.  However, if you have string match selected, you would get three hits, since the word “place” is part of each of those three words.

Watch the video below for more details.


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