We Content Studio Lite Version

You are seeing this page because you are using a Lite Version of Web Content Studio

As an owner of my Creating Fat Content Course, you have received a complimentary copy of Web Content Studio Lite.   Web Content Studio has obvious similarities to the Fat Content Creator found in the course, though I think you'll find the editor to be much better, and the theme reports updated and even better.  You also have integration of a content researcher (that can replace the Search Browser if you wish), as well as sections for notes and todo lists.  You can watch some tutorials on how to use Web Content Studio here.  While these tutorials are for the full version of Web Content Studio, most information is also applicable to the Lite version as well.

The Lite version does not have the keyword spider, or the feature of checking your keywords against the top 10 in Google, but otherwise, it is fully functional and includes the other features found in Web Content Studio up to version 

NOTE: After version, other features will be added that will not be in this Lite version.

As an owner of the Creating Fat Content Course, I am offering you a special upgrade pricing of $97, instead of the full price of $167.

NOTE: To access the upgrade page you may need to login with your Fat Content Course username and password.

If you want to read more details of this upgrade offer, click here.