Web Content Studio can find the most relevant important expected words & phrases you need to include on your web page.

Let's start off with an example...

Here is what Web Content Studio gave me when I searched for theme words on “gestaional diabetes” (the type of diabetes pregnant women get).

Web Content Studio is a tool that will help you write better, quality, themed content.  It can help you write the type of content that makes you look like an expert in your field.

I have been writing my own web content using the principles of theming (often referred to as Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI) since 2005. That is, I ignored the popular keyword-focused approach to content.  Instead, I found the theme words and phrases relevant to my article topic, and used them as I wrote the content.

The reason for this was simple – experts who write good quality content will automatically use relevant, niche-sensitive words and phrases as they write their authority articles.  As I studied the top ranking pages in Google, I saw a pattern. For any search phrases (especially as they get more competitive), the higher ranked pages were better themed around the most relevant words and phrases.

The idea of creating themed content was not new. In fact, in 2005 when Michael Campbell saw the type of stuff I was writing about in my newsletter on “themes”, he sent me a White Paper he'd written back in 2000, called “Theme, Context and Topic – How to “Theme Up” your web site. The report showed that even back in 2000, when all the gurus were talking about keyword density and meta tags, search engines were far more advanced than most people realized.

Back in 2007 I started to release a few reports showing this theming in action. However, one or two critics claimed that I had hand-picked the websites to use in my reports to support my theories. Nothing could have been further from the truth, but to prove it, I released a report in July 2008 (how many years ago?). This “Gestational Diabetes” report provided clear evidence that well-themed content performed better in the search engines.

That was back in July 2008.

Web Content Studio is a tool I have been working on for quite some time.  When I started programming it, my idea was clear – create a single software program that had all of the tools I needed to write quality, themed content.

Writing content for me is a three step process (plan, research & write, and check the theme of the article), so if should come as no surprise that the software has three main areas. I have recorded short videos to give you an ultra quick overview of each of the three steps. You should watch these videos in the correct order:

If you are looking to “Theme Up” your website content, Web Content Studio could be the perfect tool for you.

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