Keyword Spider Problem – Google blocking your IP address

Google will block repeated requests from software, giving your IP a temporary IP block.  This can happen in Web Content Studio.

The first thing you'll see when this happens is an error message and the spider will refuse to run.

The following video shows a work-around I have introduced so you can keep on working until the temporary IP block is lifted (usually a few hours after the repeated queries stop).

Please make sure you have updated WCS to the latest version.  You can do that via the Help menu.  If the auto-update fails, you'll need to login to the download area and follow the instructions for a manual update.

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I am a Science teacher by training, but have been working online for over 15 yearse, specializing in search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Web Content Studio grew out of my own need for a tool that could create search engine optimized content, the way the search engines want it. You can follow me on Facebook orTwitter. I am also on Google +

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