Article Writing Guides

Here is the tutorial on using Article Writing Guides:

Simply put, an article writing guide is a set of instructions for writing a particular type of article.

Since people tell me they have a lot of problems coming up with ideas or formats for articles, I thought it would  be really nice if people could create their own article writing guides and share them with other people. That is my intention for this feature of Web Content Studio.

You will see the article “ Templates and Guides” button in the main toolbar of the article editor screen:


Clicking on the right side of this button brings down a menu that gives you access to the old “Article Templates” and the new “Article Writing Guides” feature:


Clicking on any of the guides on the left will open it in the right hand side:


Once open you can collapse the guide list using the button top left and leave the guide open a second window while you write your article:


You can now easily write your article as you follow the guide.

Alternatively, you can copy the entire guide into the article editor, though be aware that anything in the editor will be replaced.  Some people prefer to work this way, and just overwrite the guide as they “build” their article.

All article writing guides are written in plain HTML.  This gives them enormous flexibility so the article writing guide feature may well replace the original article templates feature In a future edition of web content studio.

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I am a Science teacher by training, but have been working online for over 15 yearse, specializing in search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Web Content Studio grew out of my own need for a tool that could create search engine optimized content, the way the search engines want it. You can follow me on Facebook orTwitter. I am also on Google +

9 thoughts on “Article Writing Guides”

  1. Andy
    I have opened up my WCS and it has not prompted mr to update..I am still on version Can I still add the templates, or do I have to wait to upgrade my version etc..?

  2. I just purchased WCS. I use the XFactor system as well, so this latest feature is good news.

    Do you have an ETA for version

  3. Hello Andy –

    Thanks for adding John’s work into your tool. Very, very helpful! John’s work is a another proof of the concepts and principles you’ve shared for years . . . great job!


    1. @Andy, I love this feature!

      @John, Thanks for sharing your templates. Your latest course has a wealth of info….thanks!

      @ Elizabeth, Thanks for the Ezine link, lots of great stuff there too!

  4. Hi Andy,

    As per the above instructions, I downloaded John’s article writing guides and unzipped the download into the guide folder, but they still do not appear in the “article writing guides” menu, even after restarting WCS. I have version

    Any help would be appreciated.



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